Exploring the United Kingdom

This is an overview for exploring the United Kingdom, a comprehensive unit of work about the geography of the UK.

The first step was students to identify the countries and capitals of the UK and Ireland. In fact, students had to look for a blank map and identify the countries with their corresponding cities. All this had to be done in CANVA and in different groups.


The second step was students to create a magazine cover exploring the U.K. They had to cover all areas of interest from natural history, science and geography to people and culture.


The third step was students to find pictures of the city and the countryside and describe them as the environment is one of the most notable differences between city life and country life.

The last step was students to create a mural for their school which is on display on any time for any day for anyone to see.  By creating a mural for their school, students were engaged in an opportunity to communicate with their peers and it also encouraged collaboration between them. By doing so, students not only enjoy the visual power and beauty that charges their school, but they analyze the symbolism and message promoted by their peers.