Our phones keep us connected and help maintain relationships, but in some way, they drive a wedge between us, too. Phubbing, or snubbing someone in front of you in favour of your phone, has become a big problem. What is more, with the growing use of the mobile phone, more and more teens are zoning into a different world and they are forgetting the good manners and the social abilities. As this is affecting their daily lives, we decided to work on this project in order them to be aware of it.

These were the steps we followed for our project:

  1. QUIZ – ARE YOU A PHONE ADDICT? This quiz will tell you if you are addicted to your mobile phone.

1.    When your PDA device or phone signals that you have a new email, what do you do?
a.    Check it immediately.
b.    Ignore it for now. You’ll look at your email later when Gossip Girl is over.
c.    Nothing. Your phone is turned off and buried in the bottom of your bag somewhere.

2.    How do you watch your favorite TV shows?
a.    On your iPod while you commute to school (commute is to travel from your home to your school)
b.    On your television
c.    On your computer

3.    When someone says the word Twitter what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
a.    That it’s been 5 minutes since you last updated your status.
b.    A social networking site that some of your friends are on.
c.    The sound a little bird makes or a Warner Bros cartoon

4.    How many hours a day do you spend on internet or a social network e.g. Facebook, Twitter
a.    More than 4 hours a day
b.    It’s on your screen all day long at home, but you only check it sporadically.
c.    One or two a week. It’s good for networking.

5.    If someone needed to reach you, what’s the best way to do so?
a.    Whatsapp, Skype, cell or mobile. You’re pretty accessible.
b.    email account. (hotmail, gmail, yahoo)
c.    Um, by calling you?

6.    How many cell phones have you had in the last five years?
a.    5. Wait, 6. You have a habit of losing them.
b.    3
c.    1

8.    How do you get your daily news or gossip?
a.    Online.
b.    Mainly through friends.
c.    By reading newspapers or magazines.

9.    You find a vacation that you like where your cell or mobile phone will not get signal? Would
you go?
a.    No I can’t live without my mobile phone
b.    I would definitely go, I would have a chance to have a break from my mobile phone.

10.Where is your mobile phone now? Where do you usually have it?
a.Next to me or in my bag.
b.I don’t know
c.I don’t have a mobile phone


Students had to choose one from these 5 situations to act out with his/her partners. At theend of each role playing, all students had to share their opinions about the situation.

1º Situation
Participant A invites participant B to his private swimming pool. Participant A takes photos of the new bikini the participant B is wearing. She/ He decides to post it on Facebook without saying anything to B. B get’s angry with A.

2º Situation
The mother/ father is preparing dinner for hers/his 2 children (Adam and Sam). Sam is playing video-games and Adam is chatting with his Smartphone. Mum is calling them; Sam stops playing and helps with the dinner. Adam is a slave of technology, is crazy about his mobile phone and carries on chatting on the phone.. The mother continues calling him, with no answer. She then sends him a whatsapp message, and Adam now attends to his mothers’ requests.

3º Situation
You are visiting with your girlfriend/ boyfriend a new city you have never been to. You are lost and your girlfriend/boyfriend can’t help you either. You have an idea, you use your Smartphone, the Google Maps App, and you find the way to get to the museum you wanted to visit.

4º Situation
You are not inspired with the school project that you need to deliver tomorrow, so you
decide to surf internet to get new ideas. You also visit the School’s blog to interact with your mates, and they give you ideas.

5º Situation
5 friends are getting together, they don’t talk, and they just chat. Everything they’re doing they want to post it on a Social Network site.