The students were given a selection of books from which they had to choose one based on their reading level and favourite genre. 

The assignment consisted of reviewing and summarising the book while also giving free rein to their creativity by getting them to design a book jacket and a newspaper article where they had to write their essays. 

All students had a 1-month deadline to submit their projects, and although it had to be done at home, they were allowed to take some hours of their IT and English lessons if they needed to get help from the teachers. 


  1. Book selection: The students had to select the book on which they would be doing their projects. 
  1. Write a friendly letter or email: For this activity, the students were asked to write an email to a friend recommending their books, as illustrated in the example below:

  1. Create an advertisement: The students had to create an advertisement from scratch using the templates they had on the apps/websites they used, and from there they had to design their own newspaper article, advertising the book they read. 

  1. Make your own book jacket:  Last but not least, the students had to come up with a new design for the book jacket of their books.