Peace Day

This Project teaches students about both history and the importance of peace.



Students put their ideas on a PADLET

This activity increases students’ awareness of skills needed to live peacefully in society. These skills include listening to each other, problem-solving, cooperating, decision making and communication.


Students explore the topic of peace by using brainstorming techniques that were done on the board.


Students made a poster on their own by drawing some peace symbols.

Research around the world

Maps are an effective tool to teach learners about the world and its culture. Cultures include language, food, behaviour, art, music, beliefs, traditions and so much more.

This Project asked students to work both individually and in pairs. Throughout this project, students explored culture around the world.


Step 1: Hellos

Students are asked to place the hellos in different languages on the map where they think these languages are spoken.

Step 2: Matching information pairs:

Students are given pictures and descriptions in order them to match each picture to the description. After that they have to paste it on the map.

Step 3: Time travel: Students learn the time by identifying what time is it across various continents and countries

Step 4: World weather

Students create weather flashcards. Later they predict the weather for that day in their area and around the world.

At last back!

A very warm welcome to each and every one of you.

Let´s start our new year at school with hopes and dreams. At last this day has arrived and I am sure you all have been eagrly waiting for this day. Cathing up with your mates and/or meeting your favourite teacher are just a couple of reasons we cannot avoid coming up to school. That no matter how limited we might be, we will do our best to achieve what we all dream.


Last week (depende cuando se publique),  the groups of 1º and 2º of Vocational Training celebrated the festivity of Saint Patrick at Centro Alaun. During the activity, students had to take part in a workshop which was closely related to one of the most known icons of Saint Patrick and the Irish culture, the rainbow. Each student took a picture of it (using glasses of water, CDs or bubbles) to be edited later on using the computer.

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March the 17th every year. It is the feast day of Ireland’s patron, and it is celebrated in Ireland and all over the world by people of Irish heritage.